Math & Moodle @ ASU


Vishnu Chintamaneni

School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
Arizona State University


Over the past year, the IT department has heard requests and complaints regarding the lack of a proper
online educational tool that would essentially compromise of a LMS (Learning Management System).
The goal was to create a “one stop” online tool for students enrolled in math classes to take care of
everything from tutoring, assignments and even online lecture videos. The requirements for the School
of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences are unique from that of the other departments at Arizona State
University. Traditionally, instructors across the disciplines have used Blackboard:

              As a course organizational tool (calendar, syllabus etc.) and,      as a content delivery mechanism (assignments, lecture notes etc.)


Blackboard has been shunned by majority of the faculty as it serves them no use but to post some simple links.
This does not satisfy their needs. Most of the LMS varieties that exist offer the former i.e. calendar etc. But
the real challenge and the request of the faculty was to integrate mathematical modules into an LMS. The answer
to all these problems is Math & Moodle @ ASU. Moodle helps create an online enivronment where lectures
can be delivered in video format (user created or using LiveScribe) and math assignments can be integrated into a
single website.